Who is Mariah Carrico?

I am a spiritual being having a physical experience and learning to make the best of it. A daughter, friend, wife, mother, and a lover who sheds love, understanding, and peace. Like others, I have had my share of traumas in life that created pain and suffering and was due to a lack of understanding that led me away from self-love.

I lived most of my life for the world, wearing fancy clothes, makeup, having a big nice house and chasing a career that was not soul feeding all because I wanted to feel loved and fit in. My pains caused me to be insecure jealous, over-protective, and judgmental. All of which led me further away from love.

By the same pain it was all created, I had to endure it again to release it. All of this happened by a spark of curiosity of “why do I not say what I truly feel”. I always told myself it was to protect the other person’s feelings but realized it was because I was afraid they wouldn’t like me for speaking the truth. This led me to having the courage to speak my truth and let one know I don’t appreciate being judged and so forth.


I loved how being honest made me feel and then began to see that I wanted others to be honest with me. All of this began to give me discernment to know when others are not being honest which led me to my next curiosity of “what trauma or experience did this person go through that makes them scared to speak their truth.”

My journey has led me to become free and to love myself enough to know I have never truly lived or loved unconditionally until now which was a simple result of owning my truth and who I am. This has allowed me to help others find peace and true happiness in life so they can reach their full potential.



Intuitive Counseling joins psychic abilities and messages from above, with the style of traditional therapy. I use my own spiritual abilities to tap in to help you see your issues, what is truly going on, and how to improve your life with this method. Each session runs about an hour long. We do weekly sessions along with daily chats to check progress. My goal is to help you grow and expand on your life where you need it most.


As I developed psychically, offering general readings was fulfilling for a long time. Then I had what some may consider, an awakening or rebirth. It all started when I began to own my truth in what would make me the happiest.

I began to feel as if something was missing.

Consequently, my motivation began to quickly diminish to do the same types of readings day in and day out. I no longer desired to answer client questions that would only gain them temporary happiness. I wanted to help them have true ever-lasting happiness. A happiness that can only come from releasing all their blocks which are our pains and fears.

The process that was developed to assist in helping others to release these blocks is what we call “Intuitive Counseling.” It involves the uses of each person’s own intuition along with mine, complete honesty/openness, the release of the ego, and an understanding from a place of pure unconditional love.

Intuitive counseling is by far no walk in the park as you will find yourself revisiting painfully buried memories. However, after the process has begun you will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders allowing you to soar at lengths you never imagined you could. My goal is to help and love you through it all as you are transformed into the authentic you who can conquer the world!

Counseling Prices depend on the number of services needed. Each hour-long session is $100. Please reach out to me if you need financial assistance as I offer payment plans. Sessions per month/year are entirely up to you and your needs.